Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Mail Bags

Growing up, we always made our own mailboxes for Valentine's Day.  Each year my boxes became more and more elaborate as my mother dreamed up more creative ways to decorate a tissue box. (Or oatmeal box, or cereal box, or shoe box!)  I was always excited to see what everyone else came up with, too!

I've tried do this very thing in my own classroom but to little success.  Over the years the parents have just been too busy or too unsure of their creativity to make it work.  So the mailboxes in my classroom have evolved to a simple, white lunch sack.  But I couldn't just leave it at that.  Oh, No!!!!!   

First, I wanted to write each student's name on the bag but my handwriting is neither neat, nor cute.  So I remembered a pin on Pinterest where you can print on paper sacks using your printer.  Since I had already learned how to print on post-its, I knew the paper bag would be just as simple.  With only one jam, (and the smell of a very hot printer, whoops!) I was able to print out bags for all of my students.  Find out how to print on paper bags here.

Then I cut out dozens of different-sized red, pink, and purple hearts.  Of course, you could have your students do this step, but I've learned they turn out much better if I do the cutting.  

Then I set them loose. . .

We finished them off with a pretty little doily.

Aren't they SWEET!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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