Monday, May 5, 2014

"No Reply Blogger"? What a Pain in the @$&!!!

From a friendly comment, I learned that I was a "No Reply Blogger".  I wasn't even sure what that was until I Googled it.  This means that when you make a comment on someone's post, they are unable to respond to you.  This is quite frustrating.  The problem is basically this:  Blogger and Google+ made some changes that didn't translate well with users' profiles.  

Not sure if you're a "No Reply Blogger"?  Try this:  go to one of your old posts and post a comment.  Don't worry, you can delete it later.  Now check your email for the notification of a new comment.  If in the address line it says instead of your email address, then you are officially a
 "No Reply Blogger"!  Congratulations!  But don't worry, it can be fixed!

After about an hour of struggling, I discovered Amanda at A Royal Daughter.  She shares a post by a secondary
blogger (which is no longer available) how to fix this "No Reply Blogger" problem.  The post itself is a couple of 
years old, but it worked perfectly for me.
You can find the directions here.  

My piece of advice for this:  follow each step as it says.  I know it seems like you're about to erase everything, 
but trust me.  Once you've clicked all the clicks you can try that comment trick I mentioned and everything should 
be peachy!

Just a friend;y public service announcement!
Have a great week!

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  1. I agree it is such a pain. Be sure to check it every couple of months because google and blogger switch it back. I have had to go in a change my about three different times!!