Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

What a day!  I don't think we could have crammed more into Easter Sunday but we did it!  After a beautiful church service, it was a mad dash back to my mom's to fill eggs. 
Then off to brunch at the Maxon Restaurant in Oregon, Illinois with and my sister and her family.
It was a gorgeous, sunny day but I don't think it made it past 45 degrees.  Spring certainly has NOT sprung here in Illinois. 
The Maxon is located along the Rock River and across the way is the Chief Blackhawk statue.  Of course, we had to go get a closer look at it.

Here's a rare pic of me and the hubby. He HATES getting his picture taken but I won out!
And finally here is a sweet pic of my newest niece, Harper.
After brunch, we headed back to my mom's house and spent the next 7 hours eating, egg hunting, eating, playing, watching Beetlejuice (an Easter tradition in my family), eating and overdosing on candy.  It was a wonderful day to spend with the whole family and I am happy to share it with you.
So ends my Spring Break.  I head back to the classroom tomorrow and we're into the homestretch of the school year.  I hope to have another freebie ready for you this week so check back often!

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